Deborah Valiquet Myers Fine Art


24″ x 48″

click on image for a larger view

A contemporary twist on a landscape painting. Rich colors on a textured canvas are brought to life with palette knife details and inked lines. Waterfall? Pathway?

There are several things I love about abstract expressionism. One is that as the creator I am limited only by my own imagination. Another is that interpretation is left to the viewer. While I, as the painter, am expressing myself you, as the viewer, are open to your own impressions. The experience of viewing my work through the eyes of a viewer is exciting – it sets up a dialogue and can reveal new and unexpected interpretations.

“Matrix I” features bold composition which will create attention. For me – it is all about the details. Palette knife work and inky lines draw the eye into the painting. You will always find something new in my paintings – some area will grab you, the light will shift – previously hidden intricacies are illuminated.

This is an original painting created on 1 1/2″ deep gallery wrap canvas. Edges are painted black for a contemporary finished look. Artwork is signed and numbered on the back.