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    Deborah Valiquet Myers Fine Art

    Contemporary Abstract Paintings

    Purchasing, Hanging and Care of Artwork

    I have addressed the most frequently asked questions below

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    Is it the right size?

    Determining if the size is correct for your selected spot:

    You can get an idea of how a painting will look in a home from the View in a Room photos.  While every effort has been made to scale the paintings properly to the space, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  Most paintings are beautiful hung either horizontally or vertically. If you have concerns, there are two options:

    • Using the measurements of the piece, tape out the area on your wall.  I recommend using blue “painters tape” to avoid damage to your wall.  You can even fill in the space with blank paper or newspaper if desired.
    • You can email me a photo of your wall and I can “place” the painting in it.  If you choose, please take the photo as square to the wall as possible.  I will need the dimensions of the wall in order to scale it properly.
    Hanging Your Artwork
    • Your painting will arrive wired and ready to hang. To help keep the painting level, I recommend hanging your painting from a pair of nails, screws or picture hanging hooks spaced 6-12 inches apart.
    • The look of your painting will change throughout the day depending on the quality of the surrounding light. The colors will subtly change as the light in your room changes and as shadows catch the texture in different ways.
    • At night your painting will really “pop” if lighted properly. Directional spot lighting in the ceiling above your painting is optimal. Many houses are already fitted with some sort of recessed ceiling fixtures. These can be easily adapted. Incandescent lighting can be used however, be careful to not place your painting where the light will cast a direct glare spot in the middle of the painting. Light that is angled from above, or even from the side, will allow you to best see the texture and subtle color variation. In some cases, a spot light placed on the floor and shining up on the painting can work, and the spot may then be hidden from view.
    Framing artwork
    A great website to use for matting and framing is Go to Personal Frame Shop and you can upload an image of your artwork and create various alternatives for both mats and frames.  If you would like a digital image for this purpose please use the “Contact me” below.  Please be sure to specify which image you would like.
    Care of Your Artwork
    Every painting has been finished with two coats of varnish that protect the paint and give the piece a soft shine.  It is best dusted with a microfiber cloth and, if necessary, a damp cloth may be used for cleaning.
    a note on signatures
    As many of my paintings can be hung either vertically or horizontally I do not sign them on the front of the painting.  All paintings are titled, numbered and signed on the back. If you would like your painting signed on the front please us the “Contact me” box.  Please specify in which corner you would like the signature.
    Make this piece a set
    If you see a piece that you know would be perfect for you but you need to fill a larger space, contact me and we can discuss creating a grouping of pieces to enlarge the original.  Or I can often do a commissioned piece for you in whatever size you need.
    Commision a piece

    Many of my pieces are created on a commission basis. I especially enjoy this process as it entails working together with my collector to create that perfect piece.  Success requires collaboration and flexibility.

    I work to adapt each piece to fit with the design of your home. Whether the painting is to be a focal point or a finishing detail it needs to perfect and your satisfaction is paramount. I am happy to say that every client has been thrilled with their artwork.

    In many cases, if you see a painting that you like but need a companion piece or a different size – this can be done!

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