Thanks to all of my wonderful collectors!

See what they’re saying ….

“All your art is gorgeous !!!”
“Thanks for making our house more of a home. We love our new art.”
“I absolutely love it this way! It looks like the energy is rising. The colors are fabulous. I can hardly wait to hang it.”
“I would also just like to say I think your artwork is absolutely amazing and look forward to adding a few more pieces to my collection.”
“Your piece is a birthday present to me from my husband. I’m delighted. I really loved the piece as soon as I saw it, we both did.”


“Deborah—-I just wanted to drop you this note and tell you have very much we are enjoying the painting that you sold us. Every time we go by and look at it we see new and different things. Thanks again for dropping by our house and letting us try it out.” “It arrived!! On our wedding day – June 4th. We LOVE it!!” “Sorry I haven’t emailed sooner…the painting arrived and it’s beautiful!! And, I love the name! 🙂 Right now it’s just propped on the mantle, as soon as we get it hung, I will send you a picture.Thanks for doing such a great job for us!” “I hope you enjoy seeing the photos as much as I enjoy the painting, which hangs in my bedroom.” “We just received our painting which arrived in tact. We are even more pleased than the day we bought them.” “Thought you might like to see where your painting got hung up today. Again, we think it is AWESOME! Colors are great and the red really picks up the red color on the dinning room walls across the hall from the stair well it is hung in.” “I received the painting. Thank you. It looks great in the kitchen with the other one.” “Hi Deborah: The painting arrived yesterday and it is just perfect.”

Deborah Valiquet Myers Fine Art

Contemporary Abstract Paintings