Creation of “Rewoven Stories”

Evolution #1-1

The canvas has been textured using very loose motions and a large palette knife. Once the texture is dry it is base coated with white paint. Here I have laid in color – the only plan is to get color on the canvas.

Evolution #1-2

I have begun placing color where I think I want it; defining composition.

Evolution #1-3

I want to further define the composition. In this step I lightly highlight the texture with black. You can see how definition begins to come into focus.

Evolution #1-4

Now deeper colors are introduced and blended.

Evolution #1-5

In this step the definition is further enhanced with umber paint. All of the lines of texture are shadowed with umber rubbing it deeply into the crevices and then wiping it back and blending it into the other colors. At this point I decided to “sleep” on it. I frequently do this to look at the piece with fresh eyes the next day.

Evolution #1-6

While there was nothing wrong with the previous piece, I had decided that I wanted the painting to be a little softer and more ethereal. I think I knew it last night but my feeling was confirmed this morning when I walked into the studio. So here I have knocked back the color – more white and more blending. Now it may be ready for the final stages but again I want to sleep on it. I prefer to finish paintings early in the day if at all possible. I am fresher and have the best light in my studio. We’ll see tomorrow!

Evolution #1-6

Morning and I am happy with this.  I have deepened the colors a bit, highlighted the texture to make it “pop” a bit more and added some palette knife work to the center area to ground it.

It is ready for two coats of varnish – to protect the paint and add a little shine to the surface.  I then paint the edges of the canvas black for a clean contemporary feeling when it is hung.  Titled, signed and numbered.  It is ready to go.

“Rewoven Stories”   – on of my favorites!