“The most exciting and rewarding part of my career is working with people and participating in the process of transforming a house into a home; bringing new life and beauty to empty spaces.”

Deborah Valiquet Myers Fine Art

Contemporary Abstract Paintings

California artist Deborah Valiquet Myers creates paintings that are a celebration of unpredictability.  From the intuitive process itself to the experience of interpreting her work through the eyes of a viewer, the goal is to ignite something that sets off a resonance within.  This joins the artist and viewer in a journey of discovery.


She graduated from the University of Illinois with honors and a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

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Obtaining her CPA and a career in a top accounting firm in Chicago she later established her own firm in partnership with her father. After almost twenty years in the field a move from the Chicago area where she had grown up to Dallas Texas led to a re-evaluation. While always drawn to art, career and motherhood had taken precedence. With a radical change in life, and at almost forty years of age, she decided to follow her heart. So began the process of “playing”. She started with high end contemporary furniture but turned her focus to wall art in 2001. She is proud to be a self-taught artist and of the continual evolution of her work.

“I am one of those fortunate or unfortunate people who have a constant battle between structure and chaos going on inside my head. This dichotomy is a theme that runs through my life and my work.”

Deborah is an avid reader, a perpetual student, a music lover and a gardening addict. She has lived in a Chicago suburb, outside Dallas, in Prescott Arizona and now resides in the high desert of California. She is the mother of three creative sons and the grandmother of a precocious granddaughter – Agnes Lula.


Her work is found internationally in private and corporate collections.  Over the past fifteen years she has worked extensively with collectors and gallery owners.  Many of her pieces are created on a commission basis.


Believing anything in life can and probably will be a source of inspiration, she always paints to music whether it be current, classical or jazz.  Chords, dissonances, tempos and lyrics can spark an idea; as can a shadow, a pattern glimpsed in a filtering of light, a line of prose or poetry, or a certain texture or form.

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”    Pablo Picasso

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Texture is a primary element in her work. “I want the viewer to want to touch my paintings. To engage the tactile sense as well as the visual with the richness of the painting.” The first impression of her work is strong composition, heavy texture and the synergy of one color vibrating into another. Looking closer, multiple layers reveal depth and dimension, evoking a feeling of mysteries waiting to be unearthed. All of these elements combine to create pieces that are studies in color, pattern, light and texture. Many are graceful and lyrical in nature often creating a feeling of poetry on canvas.


Paintings begin with texture.  This is applied to canvas with a large palette knife.  Sometimes controlled, sometimes loose; this process is the starting point. 

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In some cases there is an idea in mind and at other times it is only about movement. Paint is then used intuitively – to work with the texture or to move the texture to the background as a low note in the work. The exciting part is to see what happens with any given combination. Layers of detail are built using paint, more texture, handmade paper, metal or metal leaf, glass or “whatever works”. Palette knife work often enhances the central detail of a piece. There are times when the painting knows what it wants and the challenge is in letting the piece speak for itself and in knowing when it is complete.

Her paintings are concept centered and she often works in a series; exploring a theme deeply whether it be a compositional element, a color palette or an emotion.  “I tend to get hooked on an idea and love to explore all aspects, searching for variant nuances and resonant chords.”

“Art is the greatest gift one can give. Not only does it enrich our daily lives, it gives us new worlds to explore.”