Deborah Valiquet Myers

Contemporary Fine Art



Lyrical Abstract Art


I like to think that my paintings are a celebration of unpredictability.  From the intuitive process itself to the experience of interpreting my work through the eyes of a viewer, the goal is to ignite something that sets off a resonance within.  This joins us  -artist and viewer- in a journey of discovery.

I am one of those fortunate or unfortunate people who have a constant battle between structure and chaos going on inside my head. This dichotomy is a theme that runs through my life and my work.  The resulting work is lyrical in tone whether bold and dynamic or soft and harmonious.  The challenge is in letting go and letting each piece speak for itself.

I have been a full time working artist for over twenty five years. I am self taught and have always relished experimentation with new ideas and materials.  The desire to create sends me back into my studio time and again with the thought “how would it look if?”

Paintings generally begin with texture – it is a primary element in my work. I want the viewer to want to touch my paintings. This is applied to canvas with a large palette knife.  Sometimes controlled, sometimes loose; this process is the starting point. In some cases there is an idea in mind and at other times it is only about movement.  Paint is then used intuitively – to work with the texture or to move the texture to the background as a low note in the work. The exciting part is to see what happens with any given combination. Layers of detail are built using paint, more texture, handmade paper, metal or metal leaf, glass, fabric or “whatever works.  There are times when the painting knows what it wants; the challenge is in letting the piece speak for itself and in knowing when it is complete

My work can be found internationally in private and corporate collections.  Over the past twenty five years I have worked extensively with collectors and gallery owners and many of my pieces are created on a commission basis.

“Art is the greatest gift one can give. Not only does it enrich our daily lives, it gives us new worlds to explore.”